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Klaus Roofing Systems by Carolina Energy Conservation is dedicated to shielding you and your home in Little River, SC from the elements. We understand the importance of a damage-free, durable roof. Your roof is a system made up of several layers and protects your home from leaks, hail, harsh winds, and storm damage. Your roof works day in and day out to protect your home, so it is no wonder your roof might occasionally face some damage. Regardless of the damage, you can count on Klaus Roofing Systems by Carolina Energy Conservation to repair your roof. Our team works tirelessly to return your roof to its former glory from cracked or missing shingles to wind damage.

We even offer attic insulation services to keep your home comfortable all year long. Contact us today at 1-844-407-0710 or complete the provided form to schedule your free roof repair or attic insulation estimate!

Reliable Roof Repairs by Local Professionals

Your roof plays a key part in protecting your home from the elements. It has to be reliable in all kinds of weather and it can never quit on you, or else your home is in serious trouble. That's why roof maintenance and proper repairs are so important. Your roof will almost inevitably suffer damage over the course of its lifetime by being exposed to the elements 24/7. While the damage will often start small, when ignored the problem can quickly worsen and cause even more costly damage down the line.

The roof repair experts at Klaus Roofing Systems by Carolina Energy Conservation can help. If you’ve noticed damaged shingles, roof leaks, paint bubbles on the walls or ceiling, failing roof flashing, or any other signs of roof damage, we have the right roof repair solutions for you. We can carefully inspect your roof, identify the problem(s), and make the necessary roof repairs before the problem gets any worse. By repairing your roof as necessary, you can help strengthen it against future damage as well. We offer the following roof repair services:

  • Repair of damaged shingles or other materials
  • Roof leak repair
  • Wind, hail, & other storm-related damage
  • Wood rot repair
  • Emergency services
  • And more!

Don’t wait for small problems to get worse. Contact the roof repair experts at Klaus Roofing Systems by Carolina Energy Conservation today and schedule your free estimate for roof repair in Little River!

Roof replacement professionals serving Little River, SC

Is your roof old, seriously damaged, or just in need of an upgrade? It might be time to consider a roof replacement. Luckily, our experts here at Klaus Roofing Systems by Carolina Energy Conservation specialize in this kind of job. In addition, Klaus Roofing Systems by Carolina Energy Conservation recognizes that a roof replacement is not simply an application of new shingles. That is why we reinforce the roofing system at each layer, which is why the roofs we build are beautiful and long-lasting. Check out our roof replacement process below!

  1. Seal: We install a waterproof barrier beneath shingles that will stop water from seeping into the home. This will prevent moisture damage, mold, and wood rot.
  2. Defend: We then install a durable and beautiful layer of asphalt shingles that lock together to provide superior defense against harsh storms, wind, hail, and more.
  3. Breathe: After we install shingles, we ensure the attic maintains healthy temperatures with ridge vents and other types of roof ventilation.

Looking to replace your roof? Give us a call at 1-844-407-0710 today to schedule your free roof replacement estimate in Little River, SC.

Trusted attic insulation installers in Little River, SC

Is your home uncomfortably cold in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer? Are your energy bills climbing? You might be lacking proper attic insulation. Attic insulation serves as a barrier between the inside of your home and the extreme temperatures of the outdoors. Klaus Roofing Systems by Carolina Energy Conservation is Little River’s trusted provider of top-notch attic insulation services. We offer only the best attic insulation services. We ensure the comfort and efficiency of your home all year round.

Are you ready to increase the efficiency and comfort of your home? Reach out to us today at 1-844-407-0710 or fill out the form below to schedule your free attic insulation estimate.

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