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Metal Roof Installation in Myrtle Beach, SC

For this project we installed a metal roof on a home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This project called for 12 squares of standing seam metal roofing and 8 vents. We also removed all of the gutters from the existing roof and discarded them. 

Roof Repair in Myrtle Beach, SC

This project in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina had many repairs that needed to be made. To begin this project we removed all of the existing roofing from the wood, and replaced any rotten or damaged wood underneath it. We installed ice and water shield, synthetic felt, and aluminum drip and rake metal. New flashings were installed to the vent pipe boots and to the chimney. We finished the project by installing lifetime shingles, ridge vents, and ridge caps. 

Gutter Shutter System in Myrtle Beach

Here is a newly installed Gutter Shutter System on this customers home! The Gutter Shutter System comes with a no clog guarantee that makes our homeowners lives much easier! No more stress of climbing on ladders to clear the pine straw out of your gutters! 

Roof Replacement in Myrtle Beach, SC

This project in Myrtle Beach, SC needed a full roof replacement. To start this project we began by removing all of the existing roof, and replacing any rotted or damaged wood underneath. We installed a ice and water shield to all drip edges, step flashings, valleys, and peaks. Other installations done to this roof include synthetic felt, aluminum drop metal, aluminum rake metal, and new flashings. We finished this project by installing new lifetime shingles, ridge vents and ridge caps. 

Myrtle Beach, SC Roof Replacement

For this project in Myrtle Beach, SC we began with removing the existing roofing, and replaced all of the damaged or rotting wood underneath. An Ice and Water Shield is installed to all step flashings, valleys, penetrations, and drip edges. Other installations on this project include synthetic felt on balance of wood, new aluminum drip metal and rake metal, as well as a new chimney flashing. To finish this project we installed new Cambridge shingles as well as ridge vents, and ridge caps. 

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