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Roof Replacement in Conway SC

This home was experiencing some leaking issues from their roof and needed a full roof replacement

New Roof in Conway, SC

3 Layers of Shingles!


This Conway home was getting a new makeover! Homeowner Pat called Klaus Roofing by Carolina Energy Conservation because she had gutted the home and wanted to get a new roof, new attic insulation & insulate the walls before moving forward in her remodel. Here in the Grand Strand, Klaus Roofing and Carolina Energy Conservation work together to provide the best in home comfort.


On inspection, the home had three layers of shingles and visible wood rot around the eves. Prior roofers covered the failed roofing system with another layer of shingles. Two or more roof coverings can result in too much weight, sagging and rafter damage. This home needed some rafter repair and decking replacement. 

We take pride in passing by this home in Conway, South Carolina, knowing the owner now has the IKO roofing system and Klaus warranty to protect her investment. 

New Decking under the New Roof in Conway, SC

This home in Conway, South Carolina has been past down through the generations and the roofing system was past it's performance time. A third of the home was covered by a different color shingle from a previous roof repair. The real problem was underneath, the rotted decking around the chimney! Then during removal, more sections of the decking were rotten and weak.


How beautiful is this home with it's new roof! With new decking, the IKO Dynasty shingles in Castle Grey and Klaus Roofing System, this family has our Klaus Roofing by Carolina Energy Conservation warranty to carry this home into the next generation. 

Re-Flashing in Myrtle Beach, SC

For this project, the roof needed repairs around the chimney. To do this we repaired and replaced the sheeting around the chimney, as well as re-flashed and sealed any visible water intrusion areas. 

Carolina Forest full roof replacement

This single-family was due for a roof replacement, this was the original roof when the home was built. We started this job by tearing away the existing roofing materials and disposing of them properly. We bring in our own dumpster and ask the homeowner where they would like the dumpster located. To ensure protection from the weather a Water Barrier as well as a layer of Synthetic Underlayment. For shingles, we installed a Klaus Roofing System that included Shingles in the Charcoal Grey. And, to finish the job we replaced the vent pipe boot and chimney flashing.

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